• 1. Does it wash off in the Rain/Snow?

    Everguard Repellents were designed to last up to 8 weeks in Rain and Snow! Our anti-desiccant formula slowly washes off only the top dried layer each time it rains or snows. Everguard Repellents were designed to not only keep fresh product on the surface but keeps from interfering with a plants transpiration.
  • 2. How safe is Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellent?

    Our products are derived from a list of environmentally safe ingredients as specified by the EPA. Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellents are safe and effective. Our repellents are EPA exempt and registered nationwide so you can spray with confidence.
  • 3. How effective is Everguard Deer & Rabbit Repellent?

    Our Spray is 94% effective when properly applied. Thousands and thousands of applications are applied each year in our commercial application company. Remember, deer and rabbits are like children, you need to teach them there is nothing on your property for them to eat. Our repellents are taste/smell deterrents. Although humans usually will not find the smell offensive, deer and rabbits will not like the smell or taste.
  • 4. Does Everguard Have an Offensive Odor?

    No. The Everguard Line of Repellents were designed to not only be the most effective repellent you can buy, but also not offensive to you! what good is a repellent that ruins the smell of your yard! We have been applying Everguard commercially for years because of its effectiveness and non-offensive odor.
  • 5. Will I still see deer?

    Yes. One of the many benefits of our spray is that we deter the deer from eating your plants. This product is designed to keep deer from foraging on your plants while not interfering with their normal routine.
  • 6. What is our guarantee?

    If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the performance of our product, send unused portion of purchased product within 30 days of purchase along with the original receipt for a full 100% refund less S&H. This guarantee is for retail customers and does not apply to commercial application. Please note: it is the users responsibility to follow all instructions on the label in accordance to state and federal law.
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