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  • We have very unhappy deer—and we are delighted! The spray is working. Thanks Ellen, RI

  • My garden looks good, thanks to your product.  The only time I got slammed is when buds appeared on flowers that were not sprayed.  They didn't chomp on the sprayed leaves though!!!! - Eleanor S, PA

  • “Thanks for the great service over the years” - Debbie G North Kingstown, RI

  • "Your product is the only thing that keeps Blacktail Deer away from my ornamental grasses." - Lyle. L., WA

  • Good Afternoon David,

    I rarely offer testimonials, but your “Everguard” deerproofing product warrants the absolute highest praise.

    Independence Harbor is a Wedding and Banquet facility in Southeastern Massachusetts specializing in private wedding receptions and garden wedding ceremonies. Our 20 acre private estate is renowned for its meticulously landscaped lawns and flower gardens. The gardens are picture perfect for garden weddings and wedding photography. Our facilities are also popular with deer… hungry deer! Among the many plant varieties at Independence Harbor are many thousands of tulips and hundreds of hostas….two personal favorites of the deer. Until I discovered the “Everguard” product a dozen or more years ago, we had tried every trick in the book and most spray programs to protect our gardens from being devastated by deer. We tried ultrasonic sound machines, motion activated water sprinklers, coyote urine, human hair, etc..etc. Nothing worked. The deer would consume an entire hosta (good sized) plant in one visit. They ate a row of 350 gorgeous tulips in one night…a year of waiting for these beautiful plants..gone in just a couple hours. Then I discovered “Everguard”. It has saved our gardens! We apply “Everguard” every 3 or 4 weeks throughout the spring, summer and fall, more often on our tulips and more often as our hostas first break ground and as they are growing to reach full growth. Everguard is very reasonably priced, it is simple to apply, it’s peppery odor dissipates quickly. You would never know it had been applied….BUT THE DEER KNOW! The deer still visit, they even appear in some of our wedding photos…but they leave our “Everguard..ed” plants alone! I can never thank you enough for developing a deerproofing product that works! You have saved my gardens and my peace of mind.   

    I am attaching a couple pictures…One of our “deer” friends standing in front of one of our hosta beds…just before a Wedding Ceremony. The other just to show the gardens that “Everguard” protects.

    With my heartfelt thanks,    

    Brian R. Dunning
    Owner / General Manager
    Independence Harbor
    Wedding and Banquet Facilities

  • We are a full service landscape company in New Hampshire. We have been using Everguard products for two years now and like the products effectiveness. The smell in not horrible like with some of the others and the product mixes and sprays well without clogging the spray nozzle. Product works as advertised. David, Carroll County Landscape, New Hampshire

  • The best deer deterrent I have ever used. The first year with NO damage (hostas, lilies, roses, etc) and my neighbors suffered until I spread the word about you product. Thank God I can order on-line. My supplier ran out because of my referrals! - Linda T., CT

  • Carlota & John have used American Deer Proofing’s service for about 10 years after a recommendation from a friend who tried various retail products and other services. “We see deer in our yard quite often ... in fact, even as we speak,” said Carlota. “Everguard has been very successful in deterring animals from foraging. It is important to keep up with applications. We grab a bottle and re-spray after heavy rains.” As deer have become both more urban and populous, the Parsons have seen a need to spray more plants — even those that are considered deer resistant, and a need to begin spraying earlier in the season. Mr. & Mrs. Parsons, RI

  • Dear Sirs,  This is the god's honest truth.  I was sitting by the window (floor length) on the waters side of the house reading the paper at 4pm, Suddenly 15 deer were looking at me on the patio!  They were all females, I think.  I was so shocked.  The strolled around, drank the water from the birdbath, ate some bird food and slowly took off. - Joan A., RI  "Again, no damage to her plants..."

  • Thank you for saving my Rhododendrons! We thought nothing would stop deer from destroying our plants, and over the last few years it had gotten progressively worse. Thanks to your product our plants can thrive year-round. - Janet R., CT

  • At Clipper we pride ourselves on quality of work we provide. We also take pride in the products we use as they represent us as well. We have been using Everguard for over a year now and have had great results on the properties we spray. This product has helps us as “We leave a wake of happy customers. - Dan, Clipper Landscape, E. Falmouth MA